Opthea To Present at Clinical Trials at the Summit Meeting

Jun 8, 2024


Park City, Utah


Session: Clinical Trials Addressing Neovascular AMD (nAMD)

Scientific Presentation: Implications for Targeting VEGF-C/D: Potential for Vision Gain Beyond VEGF-A Inhibition
Time: 1:02 - 1:06 pm MDT
Presenter: Megan Baldwin, PhD, MAICD, Founder, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director, Opthea

Scientific Presentation: Superior Functional Outcomes Beyond Standard of Care: Update on Sozinibercept Clinical Trials
Time: 1:06 - 1:10 pm MDT
Presenter: Julie Clark, MD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Opthea

Sponsor Talk: Opthea Overview
Time: 1:39 – 1:49 pm MDT

Panel: Challenges of Bringing New Treatment Options to Market
Time: 3:40 - 4:00 pm MDT
Panelist: Frederic Guerard, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer, Opthea